Walrus Song
Walrus (Johan) Profile

"Untitled" yet, soon hopefully named after its masterful beauty.
Nice effort man :)!

This page is just a little homage to Johan's talent.
I didn't know he was a songwriter until he posted in the Purple Board one of his songs, this Untitled yet you can download aside...
I really got stunned, and so did Micke, and we immediatly reckoned he was deserving at least a mention here, where hopefully people will be able to hear the silked voice he's got singin over this catchy and cheerful tune.
What can I say? I think it's a lovely song, and really fitting Spring Summer mood :)
Hope you will download it and listen to it, and have the same sweet pleasure me and Micke received when we've heard it.
Keep up the good work Walrus, the more you share with us, the more your page in the EneMies can grow up in size :)
In the column left, you can click and see a little profile about Johan :).
(he's a cute guy too!)

click below and download Walrus's song!

Walrus Song

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To feel music inside resembles to the power of seeing light  within a dark tunnel, and getting the sureness there's always hope and beauty around us .