Vapen And Ammunition
Discography and Story

Swedes with heart burning.
And a wonderful talent for choosing right animals for their cd covers...

"I don't sleep I dream... I won't speak I'll scream" "if You Were Here"


Joakim Berg - vocals/guitar
Martin Skold - bass/keyboards
Sami Sirvio - lead guitar/keyboards
Harri Manty - guitar/percussion
Markus Mustonen - drums/piano/vocals

This is a microsite dedicated to Sweden's finest alternative band to date.
If you don't know abot them, then you're seriously missing something.
Click on the pages here and discover just a little something.. then just buy their records (Isola and Hagnesta Hill have been released also in English, although I still think all Swedish editions are better in themselves..) because it's the greatest muisc you could find.
Sweethearts made of stone, and flame, and honey.
This is Kent's world.
And you'll love it :)

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