Subsonica gig


Who are Subsonica
Who are Subsonica

From Turin, sort of Manchester of Italy, with a great soul, a great power and a massive talent for electronic shades and melody.. here they go, let's welcome.. Suu-uub-so-ni-CA!

I think the best way to get into Subsonica's world is firstly to dig into their music.
Now I imagine it won't be easy for no Italian speaking people, but I assure you they are very polite (and educated) guys and if you will surf in their site, writing to them, mailing them, or signin up in the mailing list you will find a way to communicate throught English for sure.
They value all efforts you could make about them.
In the main site of them you can find also their discography ("discografia") alongside many tips and stuffs of hem.
They are active from many years, and only in the last couple of them they have impacted a lot on Italian scene, and they have collaborated with artists such as Tricky and 1 Giant Leap.
With them, electronica meets wonderfully the best vein of Italian masterful sense of melody.
Their lyrics though, contrariwise the majority of electronic artists's ones are deep, visionary, senseful, and provocative but with a furthermore edge to them I come to call "smartness".
These days we are so in need of this, and I would like everyone to start to give a trial with Subsonica.
Sincerly. TRY!!!!!!

Subsonica's pics in these pages are original work of Luca Merli


From left to right:
Boosta, Bass Vicious, Samuel, CMax and Ninja

Tutto si muove, non riesco a stare fermo....
(Everything moves, now I can't stay still...)