Subsonica gig
Who are Subsonica

Best currently out Italian combo.
No seriously... they are :)

It is from a certainnumber of years that I am an admirer of Subsonica, but I don't know why, I was never able to catch them live till this past April.
Well, now i know I have wasted tons of occasion in my life.
Technically another time I was at one of their gigs, but not knowing them at all, many years ago, and arriving late in the ballroom hall, I honestly didn't get any of what they were delivering.
Yeah.. I do feel ashamed :)
Because what they are best at, is exactly sectionate throught their vigorous, shining electro beats your soul, your mind, your self perceivement and compose it again in anotehr shape, with your blood which is gonna rush as fast and pleasant as it never did before.So how would you feel thinkin you have missed and lost this chnace for about five years of your life?
There you go, you get my point ...
Subsonica are a force of nature live: they dance while singing (Samuel is just an amazing frontman) and they dance while playing, and it floats so well with any crowd's expectations, you just feel blessed to be there.
Their songs, already massive on records are sparkling live even more, in their chnagements there it's like you get more sense for them, and you leave the hall, feeling like you're not anymore the dumb creature you were before hearing them..
Okay, this is maybe exxagerate, but you would never know unless you won't get there too.
I feel happy to declare myself now a fan of them, and not just an admirer anymore.
And all this, for one single gig.
Go there too, and you'll agree with me :)


This is Subsonica's Official site:
Just give it a trial, and ehy.. I have surfed sites in English way before I was able to understand it so please, be brave!

This is Sara's site dedicated to Subsonica.
This girl knows how to praise such a fabulous band.

this is the best Italian site dedicated to Subsonica: it's in Italian, but there are clips and video/audio files for everyone to download: feel the magic!